Proactive Collection Service supports the philosophies of the Patient Friendly Billing Practices developed by the Healthcare Financial Management Association. These philosophies have been implemented into our collector training program. The goal of this program is to put our representatives into the role of moderator.

Settlement Negotiation

Pro bono legal advice on collection law

Fraud Prevention training

Accounts receivable training

Real time recovery performance reporting and analytics
PCS collectors are trained that whenever two parties are faced with a problem, mediation must come into play. We listen to former patients and determine what solution fits best for their personal situation. Relationships between patients and providers require a certain amount of understanding and negotiation. Both parties must be willing to work with each other to reach a solution that is mutually beneficial. PCS believes we can help you in the same way.

One of the most stressful parts

of owning a small business is to keep the bottom line in mind with all transactions. When someone chooses not to pay for a service that you already provided it creates an additional headache I don’t need. The proactive Collection Services system is simple and effective and both of my past delinquent patients paid within days of being contacted by them. Something I had tried countless times before via email, phone, letter, and text. Thanks for providing an invaluable service to small business owners. I highly recommend their services!

Dennis “Kaz” Kasunic, M.Ac. O.M., L.Ac., Licensed Acupuncturist Forest Park Wellness

Our mental health clinic has

been employing Proactive Collection Service for a number of years. Thus far, they have collected 100% due to us on delinquent accounts.

I have found their services to be both professional yet courteous and we have had no complaints from any of our clients referred to Proactive. In addition, they have been not only effective in their collection efforts but have proven to be efficient as well. They have responded with promptness and a keen understanding of each client’s circumstances and needs.

We have been quite pleased with their operations and have no hesitation in recommending them to you for collection services.

Barry Maletzky, M.D.

The Testimonials

Fortunately, I do not have many bills go to collections, but each and every time, Proactive Collection Service has been able to
collect. As a health care provider, it is very important to me to maintain my professional reputation, and I
hate sending bills to collections. Never once has anyone complained to me about their interaction with
Proactive Collection Service. I have also spoken with Don in person and have found him to be kind,
knowledgeable, and professional. I have recommended his service to others in health care, and they have
also been pleased. Recommended!

Donna Stewart

Licensed Acupuncturist - Peninsula Family Acupuncture

Our Company would like to recommend Proactive Collection Service. The Company practices professional, quick, and excellent skills in all of our Company’s collection needs. The Company was easy to work with and Was a great help in retrieving a lot of old debt.

Jan Long

Controller - Performance Northwest

Proactive Collection Service is consistently professional and effective with excellent communication. They have been supportive and patiently taken the time to educate our team in establishing more streamlined and productive billing practices. PCS has made our side of collections smooth and streamlined, I highly recommend their services.


Dr. Marsha Hamilton, ND

Flow Natural Healthcare

I would like to recommend Proactive Collection Service to anyone who needs a
professional collection service. We have been using Proactive since 2006. Proactive
took accounts from our previous agency that were not being dealt with and closed them
with results. I have a really good working relationship with Don. He is always available
to answer questions and concerns. Don is professional, helpful, knowledgeable and gets

Teri Schlueter

Lombard Dental Images

Since hiring you – I have had great success on getting paid on those outstanding AR balances I sent your way. I now have great confidence that when I have an unpaid balance that is clearly being ignored; you can very gracefully ease our way in and get the client to pay all the bill or at the very least – start to get a payment plan going.

Thank you for working with me and for helping us to get paid for our services on those seemingly ignored invoices!! So appreciate it!


Jake Johnson

CFO - Acupuncture Northwest Llc

“Working with ProActive has been seamless and simple.”

dr. Kacy Borba spann

Quercus Natural Health - ND, LAc

Running a small architectural company, billing and collections has never been what I enjoy.  I always try to resolve any conflicts/issues with my clients directly.  But, occasionally that is not possible.  That is when I call Proactive Collection Service.  They treat everyone with respect and are very professional while getting the job done!

Dave Spitzer


“I strongly recommend partnering with PCS for collections. I have worked with PCS for 3+ years, and they have collected 100% of my accounts. As important, PCS truly partnered with my business to fully understand the business issue and finances, before starting the collections path.”

Randy Koch

CEO - ARM Insight, Inc.

Proactive Collection Service is spectacular. They are great with communication and help us in every way. Highly recommend this company


Office Manager - Division Street Dental