Proactive Collection Service, LLC P.O. Box 83957 Portland, OR 97283

About Us

Proactive Collection Service was created to be the most effective debt recovery program for any type of business while providing debt relief for consumers.

Our personal approach statistically increases our clients’ bottom line and rebuilds the former customer relationship.

There are many reasons people get behind on their medical, dental, vehicle loans, and house payments. If communication is not handled properly, a person can feel embarrassed and stigmatized which will result in resentment. We empathize with every consumer individually. PCS offers payment strategies and solutions that will relieve the stress.

We go farther to assist consumers who get behind on their bills and help them realize their financial goals. Our methodology is simple: Treat people with the same respect you would want if you got behind on your bills. Getting behind on a bill does not make someone a bad human.

Proactive Collection Service LLC is a licensed and bonded collection agency that has over 20 years of experience specializing in debt recovery. PCS LLC has set the standard of excellent service providing a higher rate of recovery without compromising the reputation of our clients. Our company core values include honesty, sustainability, professionalism, dependability and attention to detail.

You have the comfort knowing Proactive Collection Service follows the letter of the law with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
Your business has legitimate receivables to collect and you need a professional debt collection agency that is licensed and bonded to do it properly.

The Testimonials

Since hiring you – I have had great success on getting paid on those outstanding AR balances I sent your way. I now have great confidence that when I have an unpaid balance that is clearly being ignored; you can very gracefully ease our way in and get the client to pay all the bill or at the very least – start to get a payment plan going. Thank you for working with me and for helping us to get paid for our services on those seemingly ignored invoices!! So appreciate it!  

Jake Johnson

CFO - Acupuncture Northwest Llc

“Working with ProActive has been seamless and simple.”

dr. Kacy Borba spann

Quercus Natural Health - ND, LAc

Running a small architectural company, billing and collections has never been what I enjoy.  I always try to resolve any conflicts/issues with my clients directly.  But, occasionally that is not possible.  That is when I call Proactive Collection Service.  They treat everyone with respect and are very professional while getting the job done!

Dave Spitzer


“I strongly recommend partnering with PCS for collections. I have worked with PCS for 3+ years, and they have collected 100% of my accounts. As important, PCS truly partnered with my business to fully understand the business issue and finances, before starting the collections path.”

Randy Koch

CEO - ARM Insight, Inc.

Proactive Collection Service is spectacular. They are great with communication and help us in every way. Highly recommend this company


Office Manager - Division Street Dental